The Knights

Joie de Vivre Tarot

In my post about the Queens I explained that I had begun to understand the court cards better when I decided to read them all as representations of myself. This is true, and is something that as a new reader I am still doing at the moment, but this is not the only way to read them. One of the more common ways to read the knights are as young, or immature, men, often from late teens to mid-thirties.

The Knight of Swords is swift and impulsive and doesn’t always consider consequences before he goes charging into challenges or conflict. He is restless, ambitious, confident and assertive. Sometimes this can go from assertive to aggressive if he does not have the necessary emotional maturity to control himself. This knight is a force of intellect and he is completely fearless. Of the four, he is the one most likely to throw himself head first into any situation, and he loves facing new challenges.

Greer sees this Knight as an ENTJ. He draws energy from interacting with others, prefers generalisations to specifics, relies on logic, and likes structure and organisation.

The Knight of Wands is full of charisma, and he is naturally fun-loving. He is overflowing with energy and enthusiasm, with a great sense of humour. He has loads of creativity but can also be impulsive, meaning many of his ideas fail due to lack of planning. Luckily, his optimism and confidence means he is always able to pick himself up, put his failure behind him, and move on to the next idea.

For Greer, this knight is an ENFP. Like the Knight of Swords, his energy comes from interacting with others and he prefers generalisations to specifics. This Knight however makes decisions based on emotional and personal consequences and likes to take the world as it comes.

The Knight of Cups is the artistic romantic who is sensitive and seductive. His lack of emotional maturity means he is also often moody and narcissistic. He can be very kind and empathetic however, and is the kind of young man who could introduce you to lots of new experiences. This is a guy who really wants to follow his dreams but, again, his lack of maturity means he doesn’t always consider the consequences, or the reality, of his situation.

Greer believes this knight is an INFP (incidentally, I am also an INFP). He, unlike the other knights, draws energy from solitude. He prefers generalisations to specifics, makes decisions based on emotional and personal consequences, and values spontaneity and surprise.

The Knight of Pentacles is usually the only one of the knights who is depicted standing still. All the other knights can be seen charging into something, whilst this knight prefers to take things slow and steady. He is patient, dedicated, methodical, and practical. This young man is very serious and is rarely the life of the party. He is the most reliable and loyal of the four knights.

This knight, according to Greer, is an ESFJ. He draws energy from interacting with others, appreciates concrete details and clear procedures, makes decisions on the basis of emotional and personal consequences, and likes his life to be scheduled and organised.

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Happy Tarot: A Review

Happy Tarot by Serena Ficca was a deck that kept appearing on my Instagram feed, and it was love at first sight for me. I was having a pretty rough January, the weather wasn’t great, I was pretty low emotionally, and this seemed the perfect deck to cheer me up and it does not disappoint!

It comes in a small box, which means you know you are only getting a LWB with it, and the top of the box describes the deck as “A powerful tarot deck with a positive attitude”. A quote on the back tells us that “Happiness changes the world. Every morning is a brand new day: just perfect to be happy”.

The card stock is pretty good. It is thick enough that shuffling it doesn’t leave it misshapen and it is just glossy enough that it shuffles well without the cards sticking together. The LWB is more of a leaflet than a book, and there is very minimal information for each card. One thing I do love about the “book” is that each card has a “You can find happiness…” quote. The Tower card, for example, tells us “You can find happiness in releasing what no longer serves you”.

There aren’t really any cards I dislike as such but if I had to pick a negative it would be that the Kings and Queens of each suit look too similar. At first glance it is very difficult to tell which is which, and I have to rely on the two tiny little crowns pictured at the bottom of the card: three points for a queen, four for a king. There are other differences that stand out when you study the cards more, and it is easier to tell the difference if you draw both from the same suit, but I would prefer there to be more obvious differences personally.


There are a few cards I really like in this deck but first I want to talk about The Hierophant. As I mentioned in my post about it, this is one of my least favourite cards and it is usually the first one I check out when I get a new deck. In Happy Tarot this card is quite in-keeping with the traditional image and yet the cuteness of the deck makes it seem less severe than it otherwise would. It made me smile, and that is always a good sign.


Trying to pick just a handful cards that I like was really hard as I like so many of them. The Devil and Death are probably two of my favourite of all the majors. They are so cute and girly and yet they still manage to effectively convey the deeper meanings of the cards.

The 5 of wands and the 5 of cups are so childish and yet they really do scream of the emotions they are intending to portray. Is there anything angrier than a child who is defending himself?  Children don’t yet know how to control their emotions and so it is beautifully written across their faces. As for the poor little boy in the 5 of cups! He is so distraught over his spilt ice-cream that he is actually incapable of opening his eyes and seeing the two full bowls still behind him.

The 2 of cups is possibly one of my favourites. The shared joy between the two girls is utterly adorable. The card speaks of mutuality, warmth and sharing without overly focusing on the romance side normally seen in other cards.


I have to admit, when I first received the deck I didn’t think it would be one I would be able to read with. The images seemed a little too twee and cutesy for any kind of real depth. I have been using them this month for a tarot challenge on Instagram though and I am happy (no pun intended) to admit I was wrong. Beneath the sweetness of the cards, the traditional meanings can still be seen and, by taking the time to work with them, I have come to realise the cards have a real depth to them behind their adorable images.

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The Queens

Shadowscapes Tarot

I was going to blog about each court card individually but I have found that they are easier to understand as groups of cards; Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. As I never like to do anything in too logical a way I am going to start with the Queens and come back to the others another time.

Why the Queens? Well, as a mature female (mature as in over the age of 30) they are the court cards that, on first sight, most represent me. When I look at each card I can see traits of myself in each, with the Queen of Swords probably being my closest match, followed by the Queen of Wands, the Queen of Cups and finally the Queen of Pentacles.

I will come back to this in a moment but first I wanted to ask… has anyone else found the court cards the hardest to get to grips with? For some reason, when I first started reading the tarot I would freak out whenever a court card came out. My brain would shut down and I would have absolutely no idea how to read them. Were they representing me, someone else, a situation, and how in the world was I supposed to I tell the difference? Eventually I decided that I would read all court cards as representations of myself, unless there was some really obvious reason (such as the position they were in a spread) why they might mean someone or something else. And I honestly cannot stress enough how much my relationship with the court cards changed after making this decision.

So if you are struggling with these cards I would highly recommend you do the same thing. Decide what they represent to you, and then stick to it. Overtime this will probably change, but from a beginners perspective this seems to be the easiest way to start.

I would also recommend reading Understanding the Tarot Court by Mary K. Greer if you want to add a little more depth of your understanding of these cards (this is where any MBTI info I refer to originated from)

Anyway, back to the Queens…

As I said, the Queen that probably represents me more than any of the others is the Queen of Swords. She also happens to be my least favourite of the four! (Actually the Swords are my least favourite suit full stop, but that is a post for another day). This queen is often associated with aloofness, she is intelligent, autonomous, analytical, and ruled by thought over feelings. She is independent and often described as the woman alone. She obviously has a lot of great qualities, but I think she can often be seen as cold, not very emotional or caring and someone who put logic above compassion. She is clearly the woman you want around when the shit hits the fan though, as she is determined, strong willed and often makes the right decisions. The Queen of Swords is also the card I would assign to my mother, and it surprises me how similar I am to her in so many ways.

When it comes to MBTI, Greer sees this queen as an INTP. She is someone who draws energy from solitude, prefers generalizations to specifics, relies on logic, and values spontaneity and surprise.

The Queen of Wands is the career woman. She is the one who is driven by ambition, leadership ability, and social position. I love her for her fiery and passionate nature, and especially for the fact that she refuses to apologise for it. She has courage and confidence in spades, and she will work tirelessly to achieve her goals. For me personally, this queen represents my more creative side. She has a genuine love for life and she is not afraid to show it.

For Greer, this queen is an INTJ. She has many similarities to the queen of swords; she draws energy from solitude, prefers generalizations and relies on logic, but she is someone who likes structure and who lives an organised and scheduled life.

I adore the Queen of Cups, she is the queen that most represents who I want to be. She is the queen of emotions. She feels things deeply, is sensitive, kind, and affectionate. She is the warmest of all the queens, and also the most intuitive. This queen, for me, represents my more spiritual side. She is empathic, has occult interests and embraces her psychic abilities. She is also the most introspective of all the queens, something which is a huge part of my own spiritual journey.

Greer sees this queen as an ISFP. She draws her energy from solitude, she appreciates concrete details, her concern is with relationships and interpersonal harmony, and she values spontaneity and surprise.

I generally feel the least like the Queen of Pentacles. She is stable, sensible, responsible, and grounded. This queen is practical and resourceful, and probably very good with money. She, for me, is the ultimate mother who provides a firm foundation for her children, so that they can go out in to the world knowing there is a safe space to return to. This queen is also the most emotionally mature of all the queens, and possible the most well-rounded of the four.

She is an ISTJ, according to Greer. She gains energy from solitude, appreciates concrete details, relies on logic, and likes schedules and organisation.

I do believe that we can find traits of all four queens within ourselves (men as well as woman) and that the one we most identify with at any time can change dependent on the situation. Whilst the Queen of Swords is the one that most represents me, I am not always the Queen of Swords. I also think, if I asked my friends to describe which queen is most like me I may get some very different answers!

Geek Girl Heather


Alone Time Reading


This spread ended up being a lot more challenging than I anticipated and it really made me think. I am not 100% sure my interpretations are all on the money here so please, please comment if you see something different to what I did. I hope you will also give it a go and would love to hear what came up for you.

1/ One of Your Strongest Personality Traits – King of Wands

The tag line for the King of Wands in Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis is Leadership. This King is strong, independent, passionate and creative. He has a sense of maturity and charisma that makes others naturally want to follow his lead. As much as it doesn’t always feel like it, I think this acknowledges that my independence is one of my strongest traits. I have a real strength of character that I should embrace more.

2/ Something to Tend Within Yourself – Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is practical and organised. She is the one that takes ideas and changes them into something real and tangible. This is something I really need to work on within myself. I have so many things I *want* to do but at the moment they are little more than thoughts in my head. If I want them to be something more I need to get organised and start making plans!

3/ A Natural Talent Worth Developing – The Star

I am naturally intuitive and very tuned in to the emotions of those around me. The problem I have is a lack of confidence in my intuition. If I can tackle this my natural ability will develop more quickly. 

4/ An Activity That Will Bring You Inspiration and Healing – Page of Swords

I need to be challenged mentally. I need to find activities that push me and make me really use my brain. My moments of inspiration come when I am having to really concentrate on learning or understanding something that is completely new to me.

5/ An Aspect of Yourself That You Do Not Really Understand, But That Needs Attention – Seven of Pentacles

In its more negative aspect, the seven of pentacles speaks of anxiety and a feeling of being stuck in the same place. These are things that I can really relate to, but that I don’t really understand yet. I need to do some serious work to unpick it all so that I can begin to move past it.

6/ A Project in Your Life That Needs Top Priority – Nine of Wands

I am really bad at standing my ground and am a terrible people-pleaser. At the age of 35 I have only just begun to really ask for the things I need and want, and it has been a pretty stressful experience. I feel so much guilt when I put my needs first, and I always want to avoid conflict wherever possible. Deep down though, I know that I have the right to do so and that this is something I need to keep pushing forward with.

7/ A Project in Your Life Worth Letting Go Of – Three of Wands

I have recently been pouring all of my energy into making a relationship work because I genuinely wanted it to have a future. The three of wands is making it very clear that ship has well and truly sailed, and to continue to try working on it would have been a waste of time and energy. All I can do now is learn from it and let it go.

8/ How to Show Yourself More Kindness – The Hermit

I love this card! Self-reflection is so important to me, and it is a huge part of my personal journey. The process itself can be, and usually is, very painful but, ultimately, it is the kindest thing I can do for myself. It’s really important for me to ensure that I carve out dedicated time for this, and it not be something I just do when I have a spare five minutes. It is such an important part of my practice and I really need to honour that.

9/ An Archetype, Lesson or Mantra to Look Towards in Challenging Times – King of Cups

I should always act from a place of compassion and empathy, both for others and, more importantly in many cases, for myself.


Geek Girl Heather


The Card Stalker Spread

Nine of Cups/The Hierophant/The Moon/The Star/Knight of Cups

As I said in my previous post, the Nine of Swords has been stalking me lately! I have a pretty good idea of why but it seemed like the perfect excuse to try out a new spread.

1/ What message/action is this card trying to tell me? Nine of Cups – It’s possible to have whatever it is that I want, and whatever it is that is playing on my mind. I need to come from a place that is more calm and emotionally balanced. I can be aware of potential “dangers” without obsessing over them. It is time I started trusting my gut/emotions more and living in my head a little less.

2/ What is the significance of this card in my life? The Hierophant – It is trying to teach me something about myself so that I can be begin working on it. The constant over-thinking and obsessing is taking me away from a more grounded, spiritual place and I need to start dealing with it.

3/ What is stopping me from understanding the meaning of this card? The Moon – I already understand the meaning of this card, I am just pretending I don’t in the hope it will just “go away”. I don’t want to deal with it so I am tricking myself into believing it isn’t that important or significant.

4/ What can I do to better understand the message of the card? The Star – Listen to my inner guidance, do the work of self-reflection and trust in the process.

5/ How can I block any obstacles I have with understanding this card? Knight of Cups – Follow my heart more and dare to be a bit more reckless with it. I can still be aware of the dangers and acknowledge that I may get hurt, but I will survive!

As always, I would love to hear how you might have interpreted these cards, especially if it is completely different to how I did. Do you think I have missed anything? Is there anything else you think I need to know?

GeekGirl Heather


The Hermit

Everyday Witch Tarot/Robin Wood Tarot/Shadowscapes Tarot

The Nine of Swords has been stalking me throughout my tarot readings lately and I am finally starting to get the message. I know I over-analyse everything, I worry and obsess about situations, people, things I said and did, I lose sleep over the stupidest of things. Today I drew the Hermit as the card I need to be writing about (I bet you were wondering when I was going to get to that!) and it kind of hit me that they are two sides of the same coin. The connection between the cards should be obvious, they are both 9 cards after all, but it has taken me a little while to see it.

The Hermit is the person I want to be, and sometimes I am that person, but the Nine of Swords is normally where I live. The Hermit is contemplation without the obsession, it’s the analysis without the worry, and it’s the self-reflection without the sleepless nights. It is all the positive aspects of my natural tendencies without the negatives. The Hermit reminds me to check in with my intuition and to listen to my inner guidance without the judgment and projecting that comes with the Nine of Swords. It reminds me that we are all a work in progress and that I need to have more patience with myself. It reminds me that true wisdom comes from a place of compassion, both for others and for myself. Most of all it reminds me that in order to move from the Nine of Swords to the Hermit I need to be prepared to “do the work”.

From a spiritual perspective, the Hermit fits wonderfully with where my personal path is taking me at the moment. When I first came to a pagan path it was all about the magic, the rituals and the more external stuff (I’m a teenager of The Craft generation, what more can I say!). Lately (well a lot longer than “lately” really but let’s just go with that) it has become much more about self-development, self-reflection and the more internal stuff.

On a slight side note to finish off with, when I was looking at Hermit cards online I came across this little beauty. Does anyone know if this is from an actual deck and, if so, what it is called? I think I am in love…


GeekGirl Heather


The Star

Everyday Witch Tarot
I love the Star. She is just such a beautiful, positive card.  She is optimistic, she always hopes for the best and she has a sense of tranquillity.

The Star is confident, she approaches life with enthusiasm, and she is selfless. In every single card I have seen she is seen with one foot in water and one on land, suggesting she is a very grounded woman who is also very comfortable feeling and expressing her emotions.

Where the Hierophant makes me think of a religious tradition that I find oppressive, the Star talks to me of a spirituality expressed through the freedom to walk your own path. There is no dogma, only a quiet, calm strength and surety that she is following the right path for her.

The Star is a powerful, but actually quite straightforward card and so, for something a bit different, I have decided to include a Self-healing spread in this post using the Star as a significator. It has been a pretty deep reading that has touched on some real vulnerabilities for me, but I wanted to share it as I think that allowing yourself to be vulnerable is part of the emotional confidence of the Star that it is important to tap into.


1 – The Moon – I have been betrayed pretty badly in the past by people I have trusted enough to be vulnerable with. I removed the mask I normally wear in the world, I let them see the real me and they used it to hurt me.

2 – King of Cups – I have been quite reserved with people and have been very controlled and deliberate when it comes to showing my emotions. I am not always honest about how I feel or my vulnerabilities and this keeps people at a “safe” distance.

3 – Nine of Swords – I worry, over think and obsess about nearly every interaction I have with others. I worry that I have been too vulnerable, I worry that I am not emotional enough, I worry that people think I am cold, I worry whether people really like me. I over analyse everything and my mind never seems to take a break. Simple conversations with people can leave me feeling exhausted.

4 – Five of Wands – Keeping people at a distance has meant I have had to learn to rely on myself, and I have become an incredibly strong woman. There is no challenge that can be thrown at me that I won’t somehow overcome.

5 – Nine of Cups – I need to find out what makes me happy and spend time doing it, I need to spend time with people who make me feel emotionally safe, and I need to be kinder to myself.

6 – Six of Wands – Self-healing can be approached just like any other challenge. It takes commitment and hard work but I can remove the emotional blocks if I want to.

GeekGirl Heather



How Psychic Are You?

I have been trying to work on a blog post about The Star for a couple of days now but I thought it might be fun to have a go at another spread in the meantime. This one I personally didn’t take too seriously, but it all makes for good practice…



1 – Knight of Swords – I over think everything, get way too logical and tend to be way too inside of my head. I’m trying to “learn” it rather than trusting my intuition and I am not giving myself time to “hear” myself properly.

2 – 7 of Wands – I need to not listen to how other people’s ability works, or how they learnt to improve it. Instead I need to find my own way, embrace it and stick to it, even if others may tell me my way is wrong.

3 – Queen of Pentacles – My ability is very grounded and earthy. I tend to pick up on the energies around me and it often appears that I am very shrewd when really I just “know” things. I can very quickly get to the root of a matter.

4 – 9 of Swords – Well that can’t be good!!! I am reading that I will, at least initially, find it very stressful, it will cause me a lot of worry and I will lose sleep. (Interestingly I am constantly exhausted at the moment so maybe that’s exactly what is happening?!) I will begin to obsess about gaining more knowledge and it will become my main focus (I wouldn’t say I am obsessed with Tarot at the moment, but it is not far off!) Eventually I will begin to understand my abilities more, I will have more control and things will start to look a little brighter.

5 – 3 of Pentacles – In a word, no! I am going to need support and reassurance from my close friends, especially ones on the same page as me, in order to grow in confidence.

6 – 8 of Swords – I will help empower people into finding solutions to situations/issues that they feel trapped in. 

7 – The High Priestess – A more developed intuition, confidence in my abilities, a lot more knowledge and, possibly, even a career as a psychic of some kind.

8 – 7 of Cups – I do have psychic ability and I can choose whether to develop it or not. Whatever I want to do with it is basically there for the taking, but only if I can focus and not scatter my energies about too much.

GeekGirl Heather




Full Moon Tarot Spread


IMG_1336 (Edited)

As a pagan witch I like to try and do something at the full moon. Tarot won’t be the only thing I do tonight but I wanted to take a moment to share my spread with you. For some reason I really struggled with this reading and I had to refer back to my books quite a lot. I have been trying really hard to use my intuition more and more, but I think on this occasion the universe just wanted to remind me that it is ok to have a balance of both.

Anyway, on to the reading…

1- Six of Swords – I should let go of anything in my life that affects my tranquillity and peace of mind. It is time to leave any past issues where they belong, in the past, and move forward into a happier, brighter future. I will carry the lessons from the past with me, but they no longer need to control me or my behaviour.

2 – Knight of Pentacles – This card really sent me for a loop and I spent a long time trying to figure it out. All I came away with is that I should hold close to me the people in my life who are loyal, trustworthy, patient and hard-working.  (If anyone has a better interpretation I would really appreciate you sharing it!)

3 – Six of Cups – There is nothing big coming into my life in the immediate future but there will be lots of small moments that bring me a lot of joy.

4 – Seven of Wands – I feel as though I have to defend myself and the choices I make to others. Sometimes I feel like it is me vs. the world and, whilst I am on solid ground at the moment, there is enough opposition to push me over the edge if I let it.

5 – Page of Wands – I am naturally optimistic, creative and enthusiastic about life. I should share more of this side of myself with others.

6 – The Moon – As I continue to work with the tarot, and on this blog, my intuition and psychic ability (which is currently non-existent) will develop and get stronger. It will open up a path to me that I would never have considered otherwise.

7 – The Magician – I have the “power” within me to succeed at anything I put my mind to. I also need to work on my “witch stuff” more often as I don’t give it the focus that I should do.

If you had completely different ideas of how to interpret these cards please feel free to share in comments.

GeekGirl Heather


The Hierophant

Shadowscapes/Robin Wood/Everyday Witch

I have struggled for days to actually sit down and write something about this card. It is one of my least favourite in the whole deck, and I really didn’t want to post anything too negative. Avoidance was not really getting anything written though so I eventually had to admit defeat and just get on with it.

Out of the three pictures above, I have to admit I actually really like the Shadowscapes and Everyday Witch versions of this card. They both completely change the feel of the card for me, in very different ways, and both seem very warm and inviting. I love the grumpy old tree in Shadowscapes, with his long, established roots and his beautiful golden halo of leaves. I imagine that he is someone who will give you a hard time and make you work for it, but who has wisdom worth hearing.  The yoga instructor in the Everyday Witch card just makes me smile. I wanted to refer her to her as the hippy yoga instructor but I am not sure what gives me the impression she is a hippy. She just has that *air* about her. I imagine her to be kind, compassionate and patient.

The Robin Wood deck is more like the image I am used to seeing, however, and it just causes such a negative response from me. It is a card that is full of spiritual authority, spiritual hierarchy and orthodoxy. It is a card that screams conformity, convention and the establishment. This is not a warm spiritual teacher; he is cold, stern and unforgiving of any “sin”. I feel like he is judging my very soul, and I have been found wanting.

I am a pagan, and a very spiritual one at that. I believe that spiritual growth is important, and that it involves some amount of study. I believe in the power of prayer, I see the value in seeking the wise counsel of others. For me though, spirituality isn’t about convention and conformity, it is about finding your place in the world, embracing your true self and saying “this is me, take me or leave me.” I don’t want to fit in, I don’t want to just follow someone else’s tradition and spiritual practice.  I want to build a path that works for me and that, ultimately, provides me with spiritual nourishment, even if it does not fit with the established norm.

GeekGirl Heather