The GeekGirls are Christina and Heather, two self-confessed geeks with a slight Tarot obsession. Christina has had a tempestuous “with or without you” love affair with Tarot all her adult life before settling into a mature relationship, for Heather it is more like the first throes of love. 

They have decided to write their own separate pieces for the blog because their experience with Tarot is different, their insights on the cards are often different, their life experiences are different and their writing styles are very different. One thing they do have in common is a geeky level of excitement for the things they are interested in. It’s this mixture of similar-yet-different geeky level of excitement that gave rise to so many late-night and tea-break conversations until Geek Girls Do Tarot just had to be born, if only so they could get on with sleeping and working.

Neither girl would claim to be an “expert”, and this blog is not a place where they will try and “teach” you to read for yourselves. What it will be is a place where they can share their enthusiasm for Tarot and how it links nicely with so many of their other interests. 

They really hope you’ll feel free to bring your own views to the table and share your geek passion and your take on Tarot here or on their FB page…