How Psychic Are You?

I have been trying to work on a blog post about The Star for a couple of days now but I thought it might be fun to have a go at another spread in the meantime. This one I personally didn’t take too seriously, but it all makes for good practice…



1 – Knight of Swords – I over think everything, get way too logical and tend to be way too inside of my head. I’m trying to “learn” it rather than trusting my intuition and I am not giving myself time to “hear” myself properly.

2 – 7 of Wands – I need to not listen to how other people’s ability works, or how they learnt to improve it. Instead I need to find my own way, embrace it and stick to it, even if others may tell me my way is wrong.

3 – Queen of Pentacles – My ability is very grounded and earthy. I tend to pick up on the energies around me and it often appears that I am very shrewd when really I just “know” things. I can very quickly get to the root of a matter.

4 – 9 of Swords – Well that can’t be good!!! I am reading that I will, at least initially, find it very stressful, it will cause me a lot of worry and I will lose sleep. (Interestingly I am constantly exhausted at the moment so maybe that’s exactly what is happening?!) I will begin to obsess about gaining more knowledge and it will become my main focus (I wouldn’t say I am obsessed with Tarot at the moment, but it is not far off!) Eventually I will begin to understand my abilities more, I will have more control and things will start to look a little brighter.

5 – 3 of Pentacles – In a word, no! I am going to need support and reassurance from my close friends, especially ones on the same page as me, in order to grow in confidence.

6 – 8 of Swords – I will help empower people into finding solutions to situations/issues that they feel trapped in. 

7 – The High Priestess – A more developed intuition, confidence in my abilities, a lot more knowledge and, possibly, even a career as a psychic of some kind.

8 – 7 of Cups – I do have psychic ability and I can choose whether to develop it or not. Whatever I want to do with it is basically there for the taking, but only if I can focus and not scatter my energies about too much.

GeekGirl Heather





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