Everyday Witch Tarot: A Review

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I have a confession to make… I consider myself a bit of a witch and so there was potential for me to be offended by a Tarot deck called Everyday Witch. Luckily I am almost impossible to offend and the cards are so cute you just can’t help but love them. I had my eye on them for a while but when a good friend of mine got them for her birthday, and then proceeded to send me lots of lovely pictures, I knew I just had to have them.

In terms of card stock (something I know nothing about really so am just going to get it out the way now) the cards are quite thin and very slippy. Personally I like them as they fit in my hand well and the slipperiness makes them easy to shuffle. I was worried that it would result in more cards *jumping* out when I was shuffling them but so far this hasn’t proved to be the case.

The book that comes with the deck is nice and beefy (and smells good, but that’s probably not a factor for most people) and doesn’t just give lists of keywords for each card. In fact, it doesn’t really give any keywords for each card! Instead you get a description of the card related to what it means and a “Things to consider” section. There are also sections to add your own notes but I am not convinced the shiny paper is necessarily the easiest to write on (although to be fair, I haven’t tried.)

In the Introduction to the book the author explains that the cards are based on an old retro postcard (the story is much more involved than that but you’ll have to get the deck if you want more details). I’m guessing it was something a bit like this one…


For me personally, I find the deck very reminiscent of The Worst Witch (anyone else remember those books?)…


Out of the whole seventy-eight cards there are really only two I am not so keen on. The Death card and The Devil card just don’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong, I can read them fine and they are perfectly good representations of their meanings. For me they just feel *odd* and slightly out of synch with the rest of the deck. I wish I could be more specific but it is really more a feeling I get from them rather than a more concrete, explainable thing.

There are so many cards I love though, and I especially love how even some of the more *negative* cards have been given a positive spin.

IMG_1210 (Edited)

Special mention has to be given to The Hierophant in this deck (at least in my opinion). I dislike this card a lot normally and this is the first time I have come across a deck (so far) where I actually find myself not only liking, but actually loving that card. It is so simple and yet it absolutely conveys the message of the card.

IMG_1209 (Edited)

Overall I think the deck is wonderful (and no I am not being paid by anyone to say that). It is very cute but also very deep, and the cards fit so well with their original meanings. For me, Tarot is a language and I really like a deck where the author/artist has respected that language whilst putting their own spin on it. That is something I think Everyday Witch Tarot does really well.

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2 thoughts on “Everyday Witch Tarot: A Review

  1. What a great review honey!! And I couldn’t agree more 🙂 I also thought hat the cardstock was much easier to use due to it being ‘slippy’ so found shuffling a beeeze, and cards will ‘jump out’ regardless of the deck/cardstock, just makes it clearer in my mind to take note of those in this deck 😀

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying them as much as I am, I’m still doing a ‘card for the week’ for Phil and myself but finding the combination of my knowledge of the Rider Waite that these are based on is helping my instincts at reading much better as well.

    All in all, these are now my ‘go to’ Tarot Deck and it’ll be a long time before another takes my heart so 😀 xx

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