Self-Care Spread

As a relative beginner one thing I want to do more of are practice readings using lots of different spreads. Luckily for me, my Pinterest obsession means I am never short of options to try out!

There were just two things I wanted to clear up before I post my reading;

One – I am so sorry for the crappy quality of my second picture! I have no idea how it turned out so bad. I will definitely work on being a not-so-crap photographer in future. For those who can’t see it at all-

My Problem = Seven of Swords

What Do I Do Know = The Hermit

What Do I Do Later = Five of Pentacles

What Do I Need to Hear = King of Cups (am I the only one who finds court cards notoriously difficult to read? More on that another time!)

What Should I Avoid = Queen of Swords

Two – This is a sample reading for practice purposes only. It is not about anything happening in my actual life right now.

Ok, on to the reading itself…

Someone has recently lied to me or betrayed me in some way and it is playing on my mind. It has been especially hurtful because this someone I look up to and have a great deal of respect for.

For now I need to spend some time alone, surrounded by my animals, so I can take the time to meditate, contemplate and possibly engage in some spiritual activity (like Tarot reading for example). Later, if I don’t want to descend in to a pit of my own misery and despair, I need to seek out warmth and comfort from others.  I cannot do my Hermit bit for too long or I will find myself left out in the cold.

I need to remember that this person is a good, kind person. They probably had good reason to do what they did, at least in their own head, and would never have set out to deliberately cause me any hurt. I should avoid over-thinking about it or becoming withdrawn and aloof. It would be much better to work through the emotions than try to deal with it from a more logical perspective. This way I will be able to process it and move on rather than being stuck in a loop of continuous over-analysis of the situation.

So there you go, that is my take on the cards that came up. I would love to hear how others would have interpreted this reading, especially if it is completely different to mine…

GeekGirl Heather



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