Strength and an Intro (of sorts)

IMG_1132 (Edited)
Everyday Witch Tarot
I have been procrastinating over this, my first blog post, for a few days now and yet the Strength card was exactly the right card to draw to start with. The card is one of self-confidence and faith in one’s own ability, and that, or at least a lack of that, is what has been holding me back. I am by no means an expert on the Tarot (that is more GeekGirl Christina’s area). I could, in fact, almost be referred to as a Tarot Noob, despite having owned a deck of cards for at least the last 10 years. It has always been something I have dabbled in, never something I have seriously studied. Until now that is, and that was one of many reasons for starting this blog.

The strength card has quickly become my personal card when it comes to learning tarot and also blogging about it. Don’t you just love how the witch is so sure of herself, and her magic, that she doesn’t even need to check it is working? She knows she is capable of holding back the storm, and that is enough for her. It is the ultimate image of self-confidence and personal empowerment. This blog, for me, is meant to be a place where I can share my learning experience, as well as combine Tarot with my other geeky passions. I am hoping it will help develop my self-confidence and faith in my abilities, and that it will eventually empower me to share my skills with real-life people in actual readings.

Can we also just take a moment to appreciate how adorable that Lion is! I love that in this card she is not holding the lion’s jaws as she is in some other decks. She doesn’t need to overpower the lion with brute strength, her calm and authoritative nature has tamed the beast without the need to beat it into submission. This is a woman who has control over her animal nature whilst still acknowledging and embracing its existence. I imagine she is someone who is passionate and feels her emotions deeply, but she does not let them control her.

I am a total horror geek! I love films generally, but the horror genre holds a special place in my heart. When I look at the Strength card it, to me, is a great representation of the final girl. It is Nancy from A Nightmare on Elm Street or Sydney from Scream. These were women who started out living in fear but who went on to find the self-confidence to beat the “monster” and survive. They took back their power, found the faith in their own ability to win, and kicked some serious arse.

Something else interesting about the strength card, from a personal perspective at least, is that is also happens to be both my personality and soul card. (If you want to know more about how to work out these cards for yourself I would highly recommend getting Tarot for Yourself by Mary K. Greer) The personality card represents my life purpose, aspirations and lessons in this life time, whereas the soul card represents my souls purpose, as well as qualities that will assist me in this lifetime. It is rapidly becoming an important card in my life, as well as a personal favourite. I particularly like the image in the Everyday Witch Tarot, but find there are numerous other decks where the image is just as powerful.

I thought I would end with a couple more images of this card from different decks. I would love to hear what other decks you think have great images for the Strength card.

IMG_1135 (Edited)
Robin Wood Tarot/Shadowscapes Tarot
GeekGirl Heather



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